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In the field of Hazardous Waste / Special Waste, we offer the following services

Special waste disposal and recycling
hazardous waste Collections
Maintenance and inspection of oil, grease and petrol separators
Specialized hazardous waste storages
workshop disposal service
Logistics services (general cargo, bulk goods, liquids)
Industry and ship cleaning (including container provision + transport)
chemical-physical treatment plant
Plant for the treatment of special wastes


For disposal service, trust is a prerequisite – especially with hazardous waste – we have the know-how, the necessary care and competence.

Augustin takes care of the disposal, processing and sorting of hazardous waste at the three locations Herzlake, Bremen and Hohenhameln. These include, for example, water contaminated with oil or other substances, workshop waste, acids and other toxic liquids, sludge or solids.

This hazardous waste must be transported, stored and treated separately, with great care and know-how. Our specially trained staff and special vehicles enable safe transport to our locations. Here the waste is treated through technical processes after careful incoming inspection or prepared by sorting and packaging for transport to other disposal facilities.

As the requirements for the processing and sorting of hazardous waste are steadily increasing, we attach great importance to the training and further education of our employees, to a modern vehicle fleet and are constantly investing in new plant technology. The currently running expansion of the laboratory in Bremen will make it possible to analyze material flows more precisely so that they can be treated even better.

Diligence, competence and efficiency characterize us in this area.

Our Services in this field

Treatment of oil contaminated waste

In many industrial and commercial areas, it happens that water is contaminated with oils – this water cannot be easily recycled to the normal waste water cycle. Example of this is wastewater from car washes or workshops. This contains oil and sand, which are washed off from cars.

In order to separate the water from solids and oils, it must undergo a chemical-physical treatment – this happens in our cleaning plants in Bremen.

At the end, the recycled water is returned to a normal sewage plant and can be used again. The oil and oily sand are destroyed in a hazardous waste incinerator.

Collection and temporary storage of special wastes (pollutant mobile)

For cities and communities, we offer the service of our hazardous waste collection vehicle. With this special transport vehicle we drive to certain places and collect special waste from private households. Our trained employees evaluate the fabrics and sort them out in the car. These household special wastes include, for example, paints, waste oils, batteries or fluorescent tubes. Correctly separated, this waste is temporarily stored at our site and subsequently sent to hazardous waste incineration.

The collection with the hazardous waste collection vehicle is covered by the garbage fees and usually causes no additional costs for private individuals.

Production of specialized treated wastes

In a newly built treatment hall, sludge, filter cake and other solid waste such as paints, abrasives, but also absorbent and filter materials, such as oil-soaked cleaning cloths or protective clothing with the aid of absorbent material such as sawdust, are treated so that they can be disposed of in suitable and approved incineration plants and additionally generate usable energy.

Workshop disposal

We dispose of all wastes generated by car dealers and workshops. We offer our customers sophisticated logistics with collection containers and individual pick-up intervals. Upon request, we will develop tailor-made disposal solutions for your company and separate all hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated.

We take over the disposal and sorting of

  • Operating fluids, such as oil, antifreeze, brake fluid etc.
  • Electronic parts and electronic waste
  • Batteries, tires, discs
  • oil contaminated parts and textiles
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